If you can't foresee your destination, we can create it.
I work very closely with my clients and partner organizations to create a comprehensive historical gallery for your space. Wether it's a hotel, restaurant, for official display, or for your personal collection, I'm here to help. My latest project is in Breckenridge, Colorado on the history from mining town to booming ski industry.
Need to build a gallery for your space from original artwork? Reach out and I will curate something specifically to fit your needs from my 10 year collection of photography.
This goes hand in hand with my historical gallery curation services, or if you just need to hire someone to help your organization. I have experience in deep diving into topics such as the 10th Mountain Division and the Icelandic fishing industry to create timelines and fill in research gaps by scraping resources from front to back.
☾ We are open & honest about everything. Period.
☾ History is something we all deserve to explore. 
☾ It's important to delve into history to understand the present and future. 
☾ You never know what you're going to find. Be open-minded.
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